1967 Lambretta Li 150 Series 3 (NYPD Edition?)
Frame # 743,036
Engine # 813,219

Info (from Scooters Originali):

"This is an Ex-NYC Police scooter. Found in the wilds of Maine, this scoot has been refurbished, but not restored. A quick coat of paint, back to original 60s NYC Police Colors. Yes, this is an ITALIAN Lambretta - and was purchased as part of a batch of scooters in the late 1960s - it is not one of the more common Serveta police scooters. The NYC Police frame numbers were outside the accepted production run figures (i.e. the highest VIN number for a Li 150 Ser 3 on several websites is listed at 742,962, although one does list 743.096. This scooters VIN is nearer the higher version.

Lambretta Concessionaires UK were the people who brokered the deal on the NYC Police scooters, and the deal came just as the GP was being launched, and the factory started having worker disputes.  From our experience, where we have had dozens of NYC Police scooters, the scooters supplied were a mixed collection of whatever could be supplied. Li 150s, SX150s and even some GPs. We have had Li 150s with SX engines and GP bodywork - real hodge podge collections.

This particular Li 150 Ser 3 is an early NYC Police scooter, and is complete and normal as per a normal Li 150 Ser 3 with the exception of the SX Style headset. The SX Headset is the surest way to tell a normal Li 150 apart from a NYC Police Li 150. They all had SX headsets."

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