4th Annual Mad-Max Strafing Run

Sunday 26 October, 2008
390 Troutman / Floyd Bennett Field

October 26, 2008

ASSEMBLE in the industrial ruins of Bushwick
JOIN the heathen
STORM the airstrip
STRAFE enemy aircraft
MARVEL at the abandoned 1930's hangar
FEAST upon burgers and sausage
RETURN to Bushwick, victorious

approximate schedule:
10:30 roll-out from 390 Troutman
11:00 re-group at Brooklynbretta
12:00 bombing run begins at Floyd Bennett Field, Runway 6-24, N40 35' 58.25", W73 53' 27.60"
14:30 departure from the field
15:30 after-party at 390 Troutman

somewhere in there we will grill some meat and non-meat, either at the field or back at 390 Troutman

as always, all motorcycles and scooters are welcome, as are any hot-rods, beat-up cars, trucks, trikes, whatever. bonus points for out-of-tune rat bikes, anything loud and/or coughing smoke, sidecar rigs, and anyone wearing spikes. ride to and from the airstrip probably won't exceed 60mph, and the speed limit in the park is 25mph. please invite like-minded friends, please do not post on any lists.

A History

September 17, 2005

Two '70s Hondas, a '70s Triumph, and a barking-mad beater '98 Ducati Monster storm the airstrip. Air control grounds the Fuji Blimp as the raiding party is spotted approaching from the north. A traffic enforcement patrol-car hiding in the grass is detected and evaded. Radio-controlled drones are scrambled but ineffective in deterring the attack. The Fuji Blimp is swiftly surrounded. One grisled old former coast-guard employee negotiates its surrender, stammering on about his old Kawasaki.

more pics
October 1, 2006

Two weeks after the anniversary of the run, the raiders gather near a strip of stangnant water that used to be known as "Gowanus". Bolstered by reinforcements, they number three 70's Hondas, a 70's Triumph, a 70's Norton, a pre-apocalyptic BMW, a Buell, and a Guzzi set out from the stankpit, piloted by a geographically disperse set of operatives hailing from the former state of california and italy. The Triumph is handling horribly, shifting like a truck, and smoking badly. The raiding party is temporarily grounded twice en-route as adjustments are made. Cover is blown, but the airstrip is stormed. Bad intel finds it mostly abandoned. A rival raiding party has already gained a foothold but retreats at sight of the road warriors. A fleet of sail-powered roadsleds skitters into the trees. And then, tragedy strikes; the Triumph is downed deep behind enemy lines. It is stuck in first gear with a dead battery. The degenerates repeatedly strafe the airstrip as attempts are made to resuscitate the dead bike. Operatives trade roadcraft, tons are got up, and territory is marked. Ground support is called in and extraction of the Triumph is secured. All operatives and roadcraft roll out and the airstrip is once again left a tattered smoking mess.

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January 6, 2007

Post-Apocolyptic weather systems bring uncharacteristically warm weather to the region. A raiding party assembles. One 60's Triumph, a 70's Honda, a 90's Triumph, and a modern Guzzi storm the airstrip armed with copious photography and videography equipment. The raid is successful: the Concorde from the deck of the USS Independence is grounded as they approach. A bizarre "civilization" has sprung up in the form of a sports recreation center and is stormed. Ferile teenagers sporting regalia reading "Bitch" put up a resistance in the food court and the raiders are sickened. Retreat is organized but only after pizza is ravaged.

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September 30, 2007

(2007 recap)

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thanks to Jamie, Erika, and Warner Brothers for the pictures

(also, check out the road warrior page at www.imcdb.org)